Top Considerations When Choosing The Best SEO Agency To Work On Your WebsiteHeading

Companies are now utilising online techniques to boost the rate of customer conversion and attract more traffic, following the growth and advancement in technology. One of the most crucial techniques that Google requires is mobile-first indexing. With the recent announcement of desktop-only website demolitions, more and more companies are seeking the best SEO agency to make their site mobile-ready.

To inform you of the best practices your chosen agency can implement, here are some of them that you can consider doing:

1. Don’t forget your desktop

Don't make the mistake of ignoring desktop user experience as you prepare for the change to mobile-first indexing. While desktop and laptop Internet use and conversions have fallen, the percentage is still big enough to effect the overall success of your inbound marketing activities. Hence, make sure the mobile SEO agency will keep your website’s desktop version along with your mobile-optimised one.

2. Don’t jump the gun

In making your website mobile-ready, your mobile SEO agency should not just depend on a mobile-friendly test. In fact, several websites implemented subpar adjustments simply to prevent a ranking loss when the April 2015 mobile-friendly update went live, significantly impacting the UX of webpages for users. Google has stated that it is preferable to not forsake a fully functional desktop-focused site and instead wait to roll out URLs that deliver a pleasant user experience for mobile visitors rather than rushing and developing something subpar for the sake of mobile-first indexing.

3. Think about ‘information overload’ in an over-connected mobile-first world

Can you communicate the same things or meet the same informational needs in a shorter, more concise manner (i.e. deliver ‘substantially' the same)?

The usage of executive summaries, TDLR, table of contents, and named anchors that jump to the most relevant areas of the page or swiftly return to the top will all contribute to user satisfaction. They may even aid you in being the “chosen one” in voice search queries over time.

4. Flash is a total no-no

Completely avoid presenting content to users on mobile devices which require Flash to be installed as mobile devices do not support this. You should collaborate with your top SEO agency to seek for any alternatives to flash by looking at HTML5 and JavaScript, or CSS3. Many of the features Flash has provided can be at least in part emulated or entirely replaced by these newer markup and coding technologies.

5. Make sure the servers hosting your site are ready to handle the increased crawl rate

If you manage multiple web pages, mobile-first indexing may put a strain on your hosting, making the page take longer to load for your visitors. According to Google, their try not to degrade site performance but ultimately it’s hard to judge from a distance.

The top SEO agency you’ve hired should make sure that you need this first as it can cost lots of money. However, as Google implements this, you should regularly monitor your mobile speeds and pay specific attention to consumer concerns regarding load speeds.

6. Don’t serve incomplete or buggy mobile sites

Google has stated that if they are unable to locate a mobile site for your domain, they will continue to index the desktop version without express punishment — for the time being. If your organisation has a half-baked or slow-loading mobile site, it should be removed right away. It wasn't a problem in the past because Google mostly depended on your desktop site to construct its search index. For mobile sites that are broken or glitchy, it might hurt your business in other ways but your index was safe.

7. Continue building high-quality backlinks

Building links from high-quality and reputable sites still play a vital part in your site’s overall ranking among search engines. The truth is, about 30% of your total ranking in Google is based on not just the amount of backlinks that direct traffic to your site.

Keep in mind that the readers click on a link to acquire addition details. So make sure that the link your SEO agency includes here gives them that. Otherwise, they can end up leaving right away or worse, your guest post won’t get accepted.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, making your website mobile-ready will be easier for you. After all, this is something crucial to the revenue and visibility of your products and services. Hence, it’s just right that you include this as one of your priorities. Also, don’t forget to hire the best SEO agency that can help you apply all of these to generate results as more time passes. This includes increasing your search engine ranking and visibility, as well as driving more traffic to your website.